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Patch 1.4.2

Kulwinder, Apr 20, 11 3:13 PM.
v1 4 2 Patch Notes
Patch Available 4/19/2011
Power Changes
The highlight of this patch is a continuing focus on the Tier 4 experience in terms of power levels and power gaps. We took a look at the mechanics for players at all applicable Renown ranks within Tier 4 with a specific focus on the interplay between characters that are above Renown Rank 80 and those that are below. Based on the metrics, feedback, and discussions about this, we decided to make some changes to the mechanics and items that are available within this Tier. A number of item changes, additional items, and small tweaks were made in preparation for this in the previous patch cycle. This patch continues that process. For more details, see the individual sections below.
Scenario Shakeup
The battle has shifted! With the advent of 1.4.2, the lineup of the Scenarios has once again shifted. A number of old scenarios are making their return, some are retiring for the moment, and others are shifting tiers. For a full list of the new line-up, see the RVR section.
New Pets
A gaggle of new vanity pets have shown up in the capital cities! From the loveable powder monkey to the enigmatic imp skeleton, there are fun pets to have for all. Some of them are just companions to follow you around between battles, while others are scrounging pets that will add 5% to the gold looted with them active. Over time, they'll pay for themselves! These pets are available for purchase via account entitlements that can be found at the EA Store. Adopt a pet today!
Realm versus Realm
Realm versus Realm
The line-up of scenarios that are permanently available has changed. The new list is as follows:
Tier 1:
* Nordenwatch
* Gates of Ekrund
* Highpass Cemetery
Tier 2:
* Nordenwatch
* Mourkain Temple
* Stonetroll Crossing
Tier 3:
* Nordenwatch
* Mourkain Temple
* Tor Anroc
* Reikland Factory
Tier 4:
* Nordenwatch
* Mourkain Temple
* Maw of Madness
* Serpent's Passage
* Gromril Crossing
* Thunder Valley
Combat and Careers
Combat and Careers
Renown Ranks
We have made behind the scene changes to how the effective level of a character is calculated for characters that are above Renown Rank 80. This alteration, in conjunction to the item changes made, will help to ensure that the parity between Renown Ranks within Tier 4 feels more natural. To do this, we have lowered the overall gap in effective levels between Renown Ranks 80 and 100. The goal of this change is not to undermine the rewards for gaining Renown Ranks, but to prevent imbalance and allow for a fun experience for all players, including those that have proven their mettle in battle. This change also gives us a good foundation to expand or enhance the game going forward.
General Changes & Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes:
* Critical Suppression: The debuff tooltip will now display the proper text.
Bug Fixes:
* Furious Choppin: The channel will now stop when the target is out of range.
* Outta My Face!: This ability can no longer be activated while under the effects of a silence.
Disciple of Khaine
Bug Fixes:
* Rend Soul: The channel will now stop when the target is out of range.
* Terrifying Vision: This ability can no longer be activated while under the effects of a silence.
Bug Fixes:
* Addling Shot: This ability can no longer be activated while under the effects of a silence.
Bug Fixes:
* Wave of Horror: This ability can no longer be activated while under the effects of a silence.
Shadow Warrior
Bug Fixes:
* Distracting Shot: This ability can no longer be activated while under the effects of a silence.
Bug Fixes:
* Distracting Roar: This ability can no longer be activated while under the effects of a silence.
* Rune of Absorption: The channel will now stop when the target is out of range.
Squig Herder
Bug Fixes:
* Don't Eat Me: This ability can no longer be activated while under the effects of a silence.
* KABOOM!: The ability will no longer knock the target back if defended.
Warrior Priest
Bug Fixes:
* Divine Assault: The channel will now stop when the target is out of range.
Witch Elf
Bug Fixes:
* Agile Escape: Inexorable Force will no longer make you immune to the Agile Escape knockback.
* Enchanting Beauty: This ability can no longer be activated while under the effects of a silence.
Witch Hunter
Bug Fixes:
* Declare Anathema: Inexorable Force will no longer make you immune to the Declare Anathema knockback.
* Get Thee Behind Me!: This ability can no longer be activated while under the effects of a silence.
* Brimdall Yggdreidar is now the correct Rank.
* Taelq Ragecrown will clearly speak about the Tome of Knowledge entry Cold One - A Balancing of Scales when unlocking it.
* The Engineer items Devastator Bulwark and Devastator Sparkplate now unlock their corresponding Tome of Knowledge entries correctly.
* All Nordland Handgunners near the Salzenmund Bridge are attackable and can be killed.
* The Chaos Stamp Licker is now available for purchase to those who have opened their mailbox 50,000 times.
* The Curious Barrels will no longer spawn under the ground in Altdorf.
* Lord Xyshrenth in Reikland will now grant the correct Noteworthy Persons Tome of Knowledge entry.
* Captain Kalder Tannenbach will now grant the correct Noteworthy Persons Tome of Knowledge entry.
* Life of Sigmar will unlock the corresponding Tome of Knowledge entry once more.
* Lost Vale: Killing a Gorge-Maw Rhinox now grants the correct Tome of Knowledge entries.
* Lost Vale: The Darkpromise Beast on the beach will no longer leave a shadow after it is defeated.
* Tomb of the Vulture Lord: Hand of Ualatp can once again be affected by knockdowns when casting Talon Flail, and the cooldown will now correctly affect how often the ability is used.
* Mentioned in Dispatches: The journal text will no longer mention a non-existent flightmaster in Ravenraid.
* Eternal Flame: The journal text is now free of typos.
* Local Beliefs: The journal text is now free of typos.
* Rightfully Ours: The quest tab in the Tome of Knowledge now displays the correct zones and only the correct zones.
* All Wrapped Up: The waypoint correctly marks where Gunther is located and he should be easier to find.
* Striking the Source: The journal text now states that the quest must be completed before the timer runs out.
* An Eye for Trouble: Killing the Wavebreaker Seafarers at the quest waypoint will now correctly grant credit.
* Natural Selection: Order players will no longer be able to get this Destruction quest.
* Out of Favor: If the sub-quests (Leashing the Waaagh and Conquering the Raven) have been completed, a failsafe is now in place to grant credit by speaking with Queen Morathi or by abandoning the quest and retaking it.
* Time to Waaagh: Completing the sub-quests (Phuntz's Gits, Shmeek's Elf Attack, and Brung's Boar Boyz) will no longer prevent the quest from continuing.
* Show 'em Who's Boss: The Meat Barrel is in the correct location (and fully visible) outside of Rikkit's hut.
* The Exalted One: The waypoint has been moved to correctly mark where Larz the Incarnate and his chest are located.
* Desperate Gambit: The Black Ice Bonebrawlers will now more reliably spawn, making the quest easier to complete.
Public Quests
* Spirits of the Shadow: Kindling in stage one will now give credit correctly, and respawn if they did not count.
* The Shrieking Meadow: Harpies will continue to respawn throughout stage one.
* Assault on Coal Ridge Depot: All of the signal fires are visible and accessible once again.
* Shadowchasm: The Razormist Tents in this Order Public Quest may no longer be burnt by Destruction characters.
General Changes and Bug Fixes
* As part of our examination of power levels and gaps for characters in Tier 4, we have expanded upon the changes that begun in patch 1.4.1. To coincide with the effective level changes for Renown Ranks 80 through 100, the items that were introduced in Patch 1.4.0 have been modified so that the item levels reflect these changes. All armors sets, individual armor drops, and weapons for this range have been modified and the new values are reflected in these items.
Item Changes
* Mounts that are given for account entitlements can now be destroyed as they are recoverable via the claim window introduced in 1.4.1.
* The set bonus "Siphon Vitality" has been replaced with "Virtue of Fortitude". The new bonus will trigger after being hit and will now increase Fortitude.
* The set bonus "Boost" featured on Doomflayer and Warpforged armor sets for DPS careers have been adjusted and will now scale up. This fixes an issue in which the bonuses were reduced below the values of lower rank armor sets.
* Fixed an issue that allowed players to use Guild Recall scrolls while in combat.
* Mirror of Chaos Wastes can no longer be used while in combat.
Zone Updates
* Mourkain Temple has received an update to the layout. The artifact is now located within the temple proper and the fighting area around the temple has been expanded. With the new Scenario Shakeup Mourkain Temple will be available for tiers 2 to 4. Feedback about this change will be solicited in a Dev Discussion on the official BioWare forums soon after the launch of the patch.

The Verminous Horde Arrives 11/18/2010!

Kulwinder, Nov 13, 10 2:24 PM.

“The Verminous Horde” RvR Pack and Game Update 1.4 on Thursday, November 18th 2010. Players will be able to purchase both packs from the EA Store on this date.
Patch Notes Here --->
Realm versus Realm
Realm versus Realm
Open World Campaign
Due to the changes made to the Open RVR zone capture mechanics, the campaign will be reset for all servers. This will allow both sides to start on even footing and ensure that the new mechanics start equally.
Tier 4 Campaign:
* Skaven Tunnels have been spotted throughout the Tier 4 campaign! Skaven forces have begun to take advantage of the fighting going on above them by emerging randomly during battles over contested zones and siphoning resources for themselves. When this occurs, qualified players from both realms will be able to enter the Skaven tunnels and fight to reclaim the resources, vanquish the Skaven bosses, and even find a means to employ Skaven forces towards their own victory in the contested zone. Note: Entrance to the Thanquol's Incursion Skaven zone is restricted to characters that are Renown Rank 65+.
* Players that assist in fighting back Thanquol's Incursion during a contested zone battle will be able to help take over Skaven troops and use them to assist in the zone battle when the Incursion has been repelled.
* There will be a limited number of Skaven troops available within a lake. These slots are on a first-come, first-serve basis and limited to a set amount per battle. The available Skaven classes are: Gutter Runner, Engineer, Packmaster, and Rat Ogre. Each of these brings special abilities to the battle and complements each other.
* The ability to control a Skaven troop is a time limited feature that is gained by participating in the Incursion event.
* While controlling a Skaven troop, the player takes on the form, abilities, and stats of the Skaven. Access to inventory or character screens are disabled. Any loot gained while in possession of the Skaven will show up when the player resumes control of their own character again.
Zone Capture:
The following changes have been made to the Zone Capture Mechanics for all Tiers. New features and mechanics will follow this section.
* When a zone becomes contested, it will now start with neutral battlefield objectives, one Order-owned keep, and one Destruction-owned keep. Note: This is a change for the Tier 4 contested zones that are closest to the cities as previously these zones would start with both keeps owned by the defending realm.
* There are no longer NPC Guards, Sergeants, or Lords at any of the Keeps or Battlefield Objectives. These have been replaced by a single flag capture mechanic.
* The lockout timer for all Battlefield Objectives has been reduced to 5 minutes.
* Keeps may no longer be claimed by guilds.
* Keep doors may now only be damaged by Rams and players currently controlling a Skaven Rat Ogre. Rams are now obtainable at Keep Rank 4. See the notes on Keep Leveling for more details.
* Zone Domination Timers have been removed.
* The Victory Point Pool as a victory condition has been removed.
* Siege pads have been removed. Siege is now obtainable starting at Keep Rank 3 with additional Siege becoming available as the Keep increases in Rank. Siege obtained in this manner, aside from the Ram, can now be placed anywhere in the RvR Lake. Please see the notes on Keep Leveling and Siege Mechanics for more information.
* Siege weaponry is now longer purchasable through Gold or Ordnance. Players now obtain Siege from their Realm's Keep once it reaches Keep Rank 3.
New Zone Mechanics:
* Battlefield Objectives have been modified in the following manners:
- Capturing and holding a battlefield objective will now gather resources needed to level a keep. These resources are gathered over time and progress can be monitored on the map or new RVR tracker.
- Resources are generated via a formula that takes into account rate of generation and Resource Carrier travel times. As a result, the further a Battle Field Objective is from the Warcamp, the more Resources the Resource Carrier will deliver upon completing its mission.
- Once generated, the BO will spawn a Resource Carrier to take the Resources to the Warcamp of the owning Realm. Resources will not be credited to the realm until they arrive at the Warcamp. If a Resource Carrier is killed by the enemy Realm before it can reach the Warcamp, the Resources will drop to the ground and either Realm can capture them for a reduced (25%) amount going to their resource pool.
- Resource Carriers are combat-unresponsive and will not deter from their mission, but they can be killed. Resource Carriers are upgraded at Keep Rank 1 (Armored Resource Carrier) and 2 (Mounter Resource Carrier).
- Resource Carriers for both Realms will show up on the map and mini-map tracker.
- Resource Carriers will deliver resources to the Warcamp when given orders or two minutes after spawning, whichever comes first.
* Keeps have been modified in the following manners:
- Players will now respawn inside their keep. Once the inner Keep door has been destroyed, players will respawn at their Realm's Warcamp.
- Resurrection is prohibited for enemy forces in the area around the keep until the outer door has been destroyed. This only applies to Tier 3 and 4 zones.
- Claiming an enemy keep is now accomplished by successfully interacting with the enemy keep flag. This can only be accomplished once both the inner and outer Keep Doors have been destroyed.
- Keep Doors may now only be damaged by Rams and players currently controlling a Skaven Rate Ogre. Rams are available at Keep Rank 4. (see below)
- Leveling - Keeps will now level up based on Resource pools. As Resource Carriers successfully deliver Resources or enemy deliveries are intercepted, this pool will grow. The current progress of a Keep's Resource pool can be seen on the map and the new RVR Tracker. Once it reaches enough Resources, a Keep increase in Rank and new benefits will be made available. A list of benefits by Rank is as follows:
- Rank 0 -Default level; Grants respawn at keep ability.
- Rank 1 - Resource Carriers are now armored.
- Rank 2 - Resource Carriers are now mounted.
- Rank 3 - 2 aerial bombers are available 1 single-target siege weapon is available, & 2 multi-target siege weapons are available.
- Rank 4 - Ram is available, 2 additional aerial bombers are available, 1 additional single target and 2 additional multi-target siege weapons are available.
- Rank 5 -1 additional single target and 2 additional multi-target siege weapons are available.
* Siege weapons are now available in limited quantity based on the Rank of the Keep. Siege weaponry will spawn at an upgraded Keep and may be carried and placed anywhere in the RvR Lake. Because of their limited nature and the need to place them by hand, these siege weapons are considerably more powerful than previous siege weapons.
* Rams operate similarly to siege weapons except they may only be deployed in front of the enemy keep door.
* Aerial Bombers are a new mechanic that will allow players to make a bombing run on the enemy keep. While on a bombing run, players will be granted two abilities.
- Fire Bomb / Chaos Fire Bomb
- Lobs a fire bomb to the targeted location creating a pit of flame for 10 seconds dealing damage every 1 second to enemies who come within 22.5 feet.
- Dismount
- A swift dismount that will hurl you to the targeted location.
* There is now a Victory Point pool for each contested zone. Unlike its previous incarnation, Victory Points now refer to the pool of rewards that will be available to the winner and loser of a contested zone battle. This pool will begin with the winners gets the lion share of the rewards. As a battle wages on, the pool will push the winner and loser percentages closer together. There will always be an advantage for the winners in rewards, but if the losers hold out long enough they will be rewarded appropriately.
* With the removal of the Victory Point Pool mechanic as a condition of zone capture, Scenarios will no longer contribute towards zone capture.
* Reload time of Rams has been reduced to 5 seconds.
* Reload time of Supa-Chuckas, Cannons, Hellcannons, and Ballistae have been reduced to 3 seconds.
* Ram damage has been revised and is now tied much closer to the power result.
* Supa-Chuckas, Cannons, Hellcannons, and Ballistae have had their damage increased.
* Organ Guns, Orcapults, Hellblasters, Ballistae have had their damage revised. Targets closer to ground zero of the impact site will take closer to maximum damage and targets further from ground zero will take a reduced amount based upon the distance.
* Achieving 100% for Ram damage will always result in a critical strike. Supa-Chuckas, Cannons, Hellcannons, and Ballistae can no longer critically strike if the aiming reticle is less than maximum. Achieving maximum aim will always result in a critical strike.
* Monsters that flag players for RvR when attacked will now also flag a pet's master when attacked by a player's pet.
* When calculating the Renown worth of a player the player's effective level will be used instead of their actual level.
* Action bars will now be disabled when players are using siege.

New Expansion

Kulwinder, Nov 6, 10 2:50 PM.

The Verminous Horde
When we launch The Verminous Horde, it will be available for purchase at the EA Store ( for all regions. You will receive codes that, once applied to your account via the Mythic account center (, will unlock the offerings of RVR packs. We’ve focused the paid content into 2 packs, Progression and Personality, while the rest of The Verminous Horde content will be available for free via Game Update 1.4 Details of what’s offered in each of these packs can be found at the bottom of this page. The packs can be purchased independently for $10, or together for $15. Moving forward, we want to keep offering our Community more Packs like this at regular intervals. This, of course, depends on player reaction and how well you like this model, so please, give us your feedback and share your thoughts!

Free Stuff
The Verminous Horde is a free patch for all subscribers of the game, which includes many of updates to the game in general, but is highlighted by the following:
With The Verminous Horde, players can expect a brand new capture mechanic in Tiers 2-4 of Open RVR. This is guaranteed to change up the game and provide even more incentives to get out there and join the fight. Players will be able to control Skaven troops in four classes, the Warlock Engineer, the Pack Master, the Rat Ogre, and the Gutter Runner. The Skaven have arrived in the Age of Reckoning, and with them has opened up access to a RR65+ dungeon, Thanquol’s Incursion. Players participating in the dungeon will get great new gear and early access to Skaven troops.

Characters with the progression pack will advance through the Renown Ranks at an accelerated rate, allowing them to get up to the new Renown Ranks quicker than ever! Note: This passive bonus applies to Renown Ranks 1-80.

Purchasing the RvR pack will allow all characters on your account to progress all the way to Renown Rank 100 and be able to enjoy all the rewards that come with those added levels.

Characters will have access to all new Renown gear and Item Sets as they progress through Renown Ranks 81-100. This includes two new Split sets of Armor with unique looks and bonuses available at Renown Rank 90 and 100.

Characters will have access to three new sets of Scenario Weapons as they progress through Renown Ranks 81-100. These weapons are available at Renown Ranks 81, 90, and 100. 

Want to change up your look? The new Barber Surgeon in game requires tokens that are available to owners of the Personality pack only. You will get four tokens to completely change your facial customization options.

With the purchase of the personality pack, all characters on the account will receive four new vanity pets in their choice of four different colors. Order characters on the account will receive the Two-Headed Hound, the Drake, the Ugly Hound, and the Hawk. Destruction characters on the account will receive the Two-Headed Hound, the Drake, the Iron Hawk, and the Jester.

With the purchase of the personality pack, all characters on the account will receive a high end heavy mount in their choice of three colors. These mounts are useable at Renown Rank 60 and provide a 70% speed bonus with a 45% chance of dismount.

Want to dye your armor to be different? The personality pack also provides all characters on the account access to use new dyes on the dye-masters that are new and unique. Stand out from the crowd! 

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning proudly introduces an all new service for our players; Account Entitlements!  These services are available now for purchase from the EA store and include the following features offered at special introductory prices:
  • Server Transfer - $19.99 USD, this will grant you a code that can be redeemed for one server transfer for a single character. 
  • Starter Mount Pack – $8.99 USD, all characters on an account will receive a deed to obtain a mount usable at level 2 giving players a 25% speed boost and have a 100% chance to dismount upon damage.
  • Trusty Mount Pack – $9.99 USD, all characters on an account will receive a deed to obtain your choice of a new mount usable at level 20 giving players mounts of up to 60% speed boost and have a 55% chance to dismount upon damage
  • Trinkets of the World Pack – $4.99 USD, all characters on an account will receive two tokens to spend at the new Trophy Vendor in the capital cities. Each token can be used to purchase one of 14 different trophies.
  • Specialized Training Pack – $9.99 USD, all characters on an account will recieve one War Tract that will allow them to immediately advance one full level when used
  • Herald Pet Pack – $9.99 USD, all characters on an account will be granted adoption papers to the Snotling Herald vanity pet. This pet will follow you around and give you a boost!

All images used from 


Kulwinder, Aug 24, 10 12:06 AM.
Yellow Honeythorn - Liniment of War: Blood 
+60 Wounds, +5% Melee Crit Chance 
Golden Serissa - Liniment of War: Hunger 
+60 Wounds, +60 Strength 
Bloodnettle - Liniment of War: Demise 
+60 Wounds, +50 Melee Power 
Black Serissa - Liniment of War: Genius 
+60 Wounds, +5% Magic Crit Chance 
Pale Serissa - Liniment of War: Mercy 
+60 Wounds, +50 Healing Power 
Crimson Monkshood - Liniment of the Inevitable Tempest 
+60 Strength, +50 Melee Power 
Nightshade - Liniment of the Eternal Hunt 
+60 Ballistic skill, +5% Ranged Crit Chance 
Black Hellebore - Liniment of Savage Vigor 
+60 Toughness +5% Melee Crit Chance 
Violetseal - Liniment of the Inspirational Winds 
+60 Willpower +50 Healing Power 
Azurethread - Liniment of the Tolling Bell 
+60 Intelligence +5% Magic Crit Chance 
White Baneberry - Liniment of Unfettered Zeal 
+60 Strength +50 Healing Power 
Primal Frenzy - Liniment of War: Fevor 
+60 Wounds + 5% Ranged Critical chance 
Primal Hunger - Liniment of War: Hunger 
+60 Strength +60 Wounds 
Primal Strength - Liniment of Immutable Defence 
+50 health regeneration and Reduces incoming critical damage by 10% 
Primal Nature - Liniment of Swift Tergiversation 
+60 Weapon Skill +5% Reduced chance to be critically hit 
Primal Vision - Liniment of Boundless Sight 
+60 Wounds +60 Initiative 
Primal Alacrity - Liniment of Quickened blades 
+60 Weapon Skill +5% reduced armour penetration 
Primal Affinity - Liniment of War: Mercy 
+60 Wounds +50 Healing Power 
Primal Calling - Liniment of War: Demise 
+60 Wounds +50 Melee Power 
Primal Defence - Liniment of the Inorexible Aegis 
+180 to all resists 
Primal Grace - Liniment of Peerless Defence 
+60 Toughness +5% reduced chance to be crittically hit

Patch 1.3.6

Kulwinder, Jul 2, 10 11:15 AM.
Producer's Letter - June 2010
Read it here

* removal of VPs for PVE and Prior Tier

While players who have died recently and are respawning in the warcamp will still acquire zone   capture rewards, the idle defenders of the mailboxes will not. 

introducing a new feature, called Against All offering a scaling bonus to experience, renown, and influence, up to 400% for the outnumbered realm
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